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The origin of the Mulligan

It's at the Country Club of Montreal that David Mulligan gave his name to that shot.

The story begins in the 1920s. A foursome of golfers, all residents of Montreal, played regularly at the Country Club of Montreal. One of them, the only one with a car, had the responsibility of driving the other three to the club.

Few people owned cars

At the time, the driving conditions were very different from today. It is obvious that the density of the traffic was not what it is today, since very few people owned a car. On the other hand, dust clouds, unpredictable cars and the distance between service stations accounted for the hazardous difficulties that made all travel at the time.

An expedition to the Country Club

This expedition to the country club was exceptionally long and perilous. The climax of the trip: crossing the St-Lawrence River by Victoria Bridge which was originally designed for horse-drawn carriages and was therefore very poorly suited for cars.

Upon his arrival at the club, the group hurried to leave the car to get to the first tee for their starting time. The short period of time between the trip and the first tee shot, gave a very little time for the driver to regain his senses. His first attempt was - often a reflection of his nerve raking experience – most often quite off the mark.

He gives his name to the Mulligan

Because he was the driver, and therefore deserved special consideration and sympathy, the other members of the group gave him a second chance, a “correction shot”. Because his name was David Mulligan, the action of hitting a second shot from the first tee quickly became a “Mulligan”.